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Love Out Loud at HD

Love Out Loud is an event in our church where we love on our community in a big way. There are many activities you can volunteer for: service projects, feeding the homeless & more.

2021 LOL will be on Saturday, September 18 at the Horseshoe Dr. Campus.

The year’s project will be gift baskets to the front-line workers at Rapides and Cabrini Hospitals.

Use the form below to sign-up for this community service opportunity.  A team will be assembling gift baskets  beginning at 9:00AM at Horseshoe. All materials and contents will be provided. The second team will meet at 12:30PM and help deliver these baskets to Rapides and Cabrini Hospitals by 1:00PM.



Check out this year's Love Out Loud success stories! 


LOL Testimonies (click to read)

Our first encounter was with a couple from Beaumont, who moved here because of Harvey. Their 21-year-old son is in ICU from seizures; they have no idea what the cause could be. They have been here over a week, so we prayed with them, and the father had begun crying. They were very grateful for the basket and prayer.

Jonathan, Ryan, Dylan and Delaney Guillot;
Andrew and Rory Decker

Two encounters stick out.  The first was while we were waiting to get on the elevator to go back down to go to the NICU.  A family came off the elevator and we asked if they had family in the ICU.  Her mother had surgery in West Monroe and was transferred to Cabrini because of complications.  We had the privilege of giving them a basket and praying with them for traveling grace and healing.  They were visibly moved. The next had nothing to do with a basket but everything to do with our T-shirts.  We took the kids to Wildwood Pizza for lunch.  While eating a lady that worked there came to the table and mentioned our shirts.  She has recently moved from Florida and all of her family still lives there.  We prayed with her right then and there.  She came back later and spoke of feeling a spiritual bond with us and thanked us for our prayer.  We thanked her for the privilege of interceding for her and her family.  

Sissy Franks, Erin, Grey, Addi, Hux and Jaxson Owen

Cooper and I went to the labor and delivery and gave one basket to the nurses station. They were very grateful and we talked about the new church and invited them to come to the revival this week.  While we were at the nurses station I asked if any new mothers were there who were having a hard time or no family.  They directed me to a lady named Erica who had an emergency c section last night to deliver a Boy and girl.  She has been running fever though and has been unable to see her babies.  While Cooper watched at the door I gave Ms. Erica the basket and explained who I was and why I was there.  She was all alone and I could tell she appreciated a visitor.  I asked if I could pray with her and she was moved to tears.  After praying with her I told Erica I would add her and her two babies to our prayer list.  They are in the NICU

Patrice and Cooper Spera



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