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FAMILY DEVOTION: Losing Ourselves in the Service of Others

01.20.21 | Announcement - Deville, Deville Announcement – Homepage, Devotions

FAMILY DEVOTION: Losing Ourselves in the Service of Others



    The teachings of Jesus can be summed up in the phrase “love God, love people”…in that order.  It’s important to understand that because our relationship with God affects how we treat the people around us.  In today’s passage, Jesus teaches about loving God, loving others, and who our neighbor is.


    If your family enjoys singing, fire up a laptop or tablet.  The following songs are some that we sing and can be found (with words) on YouTube.

    • Roll a piece of paper starting at the corner. Form a funnel with a dime sized hole in the end. Cut off the tops so that the wider opening is all the same length. Tape paper so that the funnel will stay wrapped. Make enough so that each child has two.
    • Have them hold their funnels up to their eyes. These are their new glasses.
    • Give them an exact course to follow. It won’t be easy to see through such a small hole. They can only see what is directly in front of them. Make the course obstacle free and in a straight line. Tell them to walk slow and be careful.
    • When they arrive at their destination, everyone will be pleased with their ability to easily perform the task. Have them remove their “glasses” and turn back to look at the path they had just followed. Was there anything they missed seeing along their path?
    • Without knowing, did they pass another family member who might have needed their help?
    • Did they pass unfolded clothes or unwashed dishes? (mom may have needed their help today!)
    • Ask, “Why weren’t these things noticed?” “Were you totally focused on your own path/needs/course?”
    • Explain: these glasses represent living our lives focused only on ourselves and what we need to get done. While many of the things we do in life are very important, sometimes we only see our needs, and are blinded to all of the needs and ways we can be helping others. Simply opening a door for someone, or stopping to help someone will only take a little time, but can make a BIG difference.

    Read Luke 10:25-37

    • Children may need help locating the book of Luke in their Bible
    • Say, “The Bible is divided into two parts: the Old Testament and the New Testament. Luke is one of the 4 Gospels found in the New Testament.”
    • What is a “parable?” A simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson, as told by Jesus in the Gospels.
    • Why did Jesus teach using parables? It’s important to explain why Jesus taught his disciples using parables. Ask your child, “Do you like stories?” Jesus knew we all like stories and that it’s easier to remember and understand his truths if taught in the form of a story. In Matthew 13: 10-17 (following Jesus speaking to the large crowds in parables), the disciples asked Jesus, “Why do You speak to them in parables?” He went on to explain “why” to them.

    After reading the Luke passage talk about the first 2 people passing and how they were wearing their “Selfish Glasses.” Perhaps they were “too busy” or had something they had to hurry and get to. Again, there is little purpose in all of the things we accomplish, unless we are willing to serve others along the way. Talk about how the Good Samaritan did more than just what was necessary by leaving money for the man to be cared for and then asking them to let him know if it cost more than what he gave. He wanted to come back through town and give them more to care for this man.

    Think about and share with your family a time where you had the opportunity to serve others.

    Was it convenient? Was there a time or money cost? Was it easy? How did you feel afterwards?

    • Prayer Pot or Pail

    Using craft sticks, slips of paper, etc. let each family member write down or suggest people or things your family can pray for (ie: Grandma, Mr. Jones down the street, The Lost) Put these in a pot or pail. Family members can select one and pray for whoever or whatever is listed. Use these prayer concerns throughout the week and allow children to add new names or concerns.

    Questions to ask: “In addition to praying for _________, how can we bless and help them?”

    • Prayer Cards

    Using index cards, write down ways our family can show compassion to others or people near and around us. If you have recent Christmas cards from family and friends, pick one each day and pray for this family God has placed in your life. When praying together, we also begin relating to God together.

    This Week

    God Sightings are those little moments along the way when God shows up in the circumstances of life. When we begin to recognize these teachable moments, they become opportunities for us to reveal the ways of God to our children and family. Below are examples of daily occurrences, similar to The Parable of the Good Samaritan, your family may encounter.

    • A homeless person holding a sign: Sometimes the homeless are referred to as “hobos” and our judgment as to why someone might find themselves in this predicament is verbalized to our children. Showing compassion is loving others the way God loves us.
      • Ask your child, “How might we help people and lessen the need for someone to stand on the side of the street?”
      • Talk about local organizations set up to aid people in need. Discuss how your family and/or your church can help.
      • Let’s Pray for them right now. We don’t know ALL that’s going on in their life, but God does.
    • Passing Ambulance: Pray for the person and family needing these services. Thank God for the EMTs for being an extension of God’s love in our community. How can we be an extension of God’s love in the community? 

    • Funeral Procession: Talk about and pray for the family and friends who are celebrating the life of this loved one. “What are ways we can extend God’s love to people we know who are experiencing the loss of a loved one?”
    • Create Random Acts of Kindness Cards: Sample attached

    As we begin being intentional about serving others, we also begin establishing patterns that display the priorities in our family.

    • Go to Pinterest and search “Crafts about Good Samaritan.” There are MANY to choose from.
    "Losing Ourselves in the Service of Others" is used by permission from FBC Haughton.