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Weekly Parent Page

The Parent Page is a resource to help parents and grandparents discuss the truths of each lesson with their children or grandchildren at home. It includes the key truths of the lesson, the lesson objective, how the lesson fits in the story of the Bible, Bible Basics notes to develop biblical literacy, discussion starter questions, activities for different age groups, and notes to help families discuss important truths from the lesson.

September   5, 2021   Walk in Holiness  (Answers)
September 12, 2021   Walk as God Commands  (Answers)
September 19, 2021   Walk in Truth  (Answers)
September 26, 2021   Walk in Integrity
October   3, 2021   Live Out God's Word Every Day
October 10, 2021   From Generation to Generation
October 17, 2021   Choose Obedience  (Answers)
October 24, 2021   Stand Up in Faith  (Answers)
October 31, 2021   A Heart for God  (Answers)
November   7, 2021   Confess and Repent
November 14, 2021   Missing the Mark  (Answers)
November 21, 2021   A Changed Heart  (Answers)
November 28, 2021   The Gift of Grace  (Answers)

Choose a Notebook or Journal and begin a daily scripture S.O.A.P. Journal.  Click HERE to see an example page.

  • Scripture:  Here is where you write down a verse from your reading that stood out to you. Copy it word for word with citation (Book, chapter, verse).
  • Observation:  Answer the following questions, "What do I observe about this verse? Who is speaking? To Whom? Where? Why?"
  • Application:  How can I apply this verse to my life and how does it apply to a present situation?
  • Prayer:  What prayer does this inspire me to praise God. What prayer could I pray asking God for....
Serendipity - A Children's Book Series read by Mrs. Sissy Franks

Serendipity is a series of children's books about animals and other creatures written by Stephen Cosgrove and illustrated by Robin James. Each Serendipity book is a short story with colorful illustrations that have a moral perspective. Serendipity books teach youngsters how to deal with the challenges of their world, providing them with positive solutions to difficult problems.

Click below to enter a world of Serendipitous Adventures! 

Serendipity - A Children's Book Series