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Faith Forward



Pledges to Date: $1,526,480.27

First Fruits Offering: $297,537.75



For decades we have lived life together, seeking to follow the biblical mission for our church to Love God, Love Others, and Show Others God’s Love. His work in us and through us is not finished yet. I earnestly believe the Lord is leading us into the next phase of mission and ministry as a multisite church family. 

There are specific tools necessary to enable our continued growth as a family of God to carry out this vision effectively. Our ultimate goal remains to share the Gospel of Christ with our neighbors in Deville, Alexandria, and the nations! 

To move forward, our necessary tools include: 

  • Completion of the new multipurpose facility to expand our worship/ fellowship opportunity and community involvement at Deville
  • A new parking lot at Horseshoe Drive to welcome and accommodate guests and our growing family
  • Renovated restrooms at Horseshoe Drive to better serve our basic needs
  • New HVAC systems to provide a consistent and comfortable ministry environment at Horseshoe Drive
  • An updated sound system at Horseshoe Drive to best deliver His message every week, so all can hear. 

I am confident that with the success of our Faith Forward Beyond 2020 venture, God will deliver these necessary tools and move us into a new level of ministry within and beyond our communities.

Humbly, I ask you to consider your part in this spiritual journey. Accomplishing this vision will take a commitment from each of us as we give above our regular portion for the next three years. While it will require sacrifice, it is indeed eternal investment! Because, what we accomplish together now for the Kingdom, will impact lives for decades to come. 

I want to be a part of His legacy through PBC. Will you join me? We are called to continue looking forward in faith, knowing our greatest reward is yet to come. 

Let’s keep moving forward in faith,

Bro. Philip


Faith Forward Project Renders

  • Faith Forward Multipurpose Building
  • Faith Forward Deville Worship Service
  • Faith Forward Deville Musical
  • Faith Forward Deville Wedding Reception
  • Faith Forward Deville Banquet Seating
  • Faith Forward Horseshoe Drive New Parking Lot
  • Faith Forward Horseshoe Drive Restroom Renovations
  • Faith Forward Horseshoe Drive Media Upgrades


How to Give

  1. ONLINE: as either a one-time or reoccurring donation by clicking here.
  2. TEXT PBCMINISTRY to 73256 for a one-time donation.
  3. IN PERSON at any Faith Forward event or at any PBC weekly worship service.