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Zoe Seniors Only

05.06.20 | Deville - Students | by Marilyn Brennan

Zoe Seniors Only

    It's your last Zoe Student year--Make it Count! Senior Trip, Graduate Info, Choose Camp, Leadership position, First pick sit on the bus

    Senior Trip
    • Where?  Gatlinburg
    • When?  Between Christmas & New Year
    • What? XtremeWinter Conference
    • Cost? TBA
    • Register & pay $50 deposit by the last Sunday in September.
    • Balance due by last Sunday in October.
    • Select Summer Camp location
    • Leadership
    • First to choose church transportation seating for trips.
    Graduate Recognition Service
    • Provide the following information by the last Wednesday in April.
    • Awards/Honors may be updated by the Wednesday prior to Graduate Recognition Service
    • Graduate Reception following service. Additional info will shared in Sunday Small Group and posted in Senior Class Group Me.


    ( )   -

    Graduates must choose their Graduate Recognition Service PBC location: Deville or Horseshoe.

    Please upload 3 photographs. Most graduates include photographs in age progression from a baby photo to your senior portrait. Example of age progression photos:

    • a modest baby or toddler photo
    • an Elementary or Jr High photo
    • a Graduate photo

    This is the information that will be used during our Graduate Recognition Service.

    SOME EXAMPLES: (1) "Plan to attend the University of Louisiana in Lafayette and major in nursing. Following graduation, hope to pursue his Masters in Nursing Anesthesia. (2) _____ will be attending Northwestern State University this fall. She plans to major in Vocal Music Education and in the future would like to teach choir at a high school or college level." (3) "Taking a year off to work and pray about the direction where God will lead."

    Please limit to 10 (TEN) accomplishment statements. EXAMPLE: (1.) Voted Senior Class Favorite and Wittiest. (2.) Speech and Debate for 6 years, Team Captain for 2 years, awarded District and State Superiors in Speech. (3.) Spanish Club Vice President and Spanish Rally representative. (4.) Talent Show Winner in 2014