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FAMILY DEVOTION: What Is the Church

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FAMILY DEVOTION:  What Is the Church

    If your family enjoys singing, fire up a laptop or tablet. The following songs are some that we sing at PBC and can be found (with words) on YouTube.

    When I Think About the Lord
    Holy Spirit


    Many people do not understand the purpose and function of the church.
    The first thing many people think of when they think of “Church” is the building where the church meets. If that statement “where the church meets” is confusing to you; maybe you don’t realize that “church” really relates to “gather” or the gathering of the people who make up the church. The Greek word used in the New Testament is (ekklesia). The church is in its easiest definition “the community of believers.”
    To be a member of Philadelphia Baptist Church a person must be a believer. A believer who professes faith in Jesus Christ becomes a part of God’s community and for us the community is called Philadelphia Baptist Church (or Philadelphia Baptist Church HD).

    Jesus started the church; Matthew 16:18

    Jesus is the head (leader) of the church; Colossians 1:18


    Therefore; one of the purposes of the church is to “gather” together. Part of that purpose includes worshipping God, but it also includes Fellowship with the other believers. Maybe you are child, or even an adult but you are not presently a Believer. Maybe you are not yet a Christian. Does that mean you cannot participate? No, it just means that you are not yet a full member. You may be an “attender” but not yet a member. If you need help with understanding the difference call the church and make an appointment for you or for your family with one of the ministers.


    What is Worship?
    Worship occurs when we attribute to (or set aside for God) the credit He is worthy of receiving. Worship is our response to God, based on His presence with/in us a His followers. Worship is one of the most vital functions of the church. Fellowship grows out of our love for God. Basically, believers will want to Fellowship with God and Fellowship with other believers. Another Greek word for fellowship is (koinonia.)
    Read Acts 2:46-47 to see a picture of people in Fellowship.


    The vision of PBC is “Loving God, Loving Others, & Showing Other’s God’s Love.” At PBC we believe Christ is the head of the church, the Church is the bride of Christ, and members are called to fulfill the role Jesus gave before He returned to Heaven:

    Matthew 28:18-20
    Read the passage above and think about what it is that Jesus wants all church members to accomplish as we walk through life, and we enjoy worship of God and fellowship with one another.
    Pray as a family for God to use you to make a difference in the lives of others

    The Church

    The church helps people grow closer to God.
    The church helps people develop spiritually.
    The church helps people mature in life and in faith.
    The church helps people commit to a cause that is greater than self.
    The church helps people connect with other believers for encouragement, strength, and support.
    The church helps people have a place to go when times are tough.
    The church helps people know that God is always on their side.
    The church helps people realize that Jesus was not just another good man, but that He was God’s perfect son who forgives sin and offers eternal life.

    Do you have eternal life?

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    Peace With God